About Us

Liz and Katie on couch in Kinworth Fall 2022 Collection


We’re Katie and Liz, two sisters from Ontario, Canada who have always wanted to branch out as entrepreneurs. Kinworth is a passion project for both of us (i.e. we also have full time jobs!), but that works for us because we are truly, super passionate about it.

Katie works full time in PR, but you might recognize her from her Instagram account where she’s been sharing her life and fostering a community of empowered women for the past 5+ years.

Liz works full time at Shopify; she’s spent her time supporting entrepreneurs and has always wanted to start a store of her own. What better way to be able to help and empathize with the merchants who use Shopify’s product, right?

Most importantly, we’re both invested in supporting women and reminding them of their inherent worth. We’ve seen how many women struggle with the concept of being ‘enough’ in a world that has created impossible expectations for any woman to live up to. Many women second-guess and compare themselves to strangers on the internet; struggle with body image and confidence; and sometimes feel inadequate in the various roles they hold. We get it. We’re not immune to these insecurities either, but we are determined to do our part to flip the narrative and squash our collective inner critics. Kinworth is one small, but powerful step in that direction.