Our Why

We’re on a mission to help women see their worth, and change their inner dialogue from critical to kind. 

So why start an apparel company? We believe that the clothing you wear should make you feel good about yourself. Read that again - we want you to feel good. For us that means flattering, comfy, high quality clothing, but most importantly? You’ll feel good on the inside too. Because everyone needs a reminder of their worth sometimes, and the best way to see that…is for yourself.

We know that the way you speak to yourself matters, and unfortunately for most that inner voice has been a critic, rather than a friend. Affirmations can be a powerful tool to practice self-compassion; we chose affirmations that we hope will serve as important and impactful reminders of how valuable you are as an individual. We wrote them as ‘you’ statements, building off the concept of showing yourself some ‘best friend compassion’ - because at the end of the day, the most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself.

This is also why the writing is in reverse, or more accurately, in mirror-image. The reminder is for you. Not the person sitting across from you, not the stranger on the street -  just you. We want you to be reminded of your worth every time you look in the mirror, and we hope that over time, you’ll truly start to believe the words staring back at you. Self love, after all, starts with ‘you’.

We believe every individual is intrinsically worthy and enough. With enough reminders, we hope you start to believe it about yourself, too.