Feel Good in Kinworth

Not only will our clothing make you feel good about you, it will also make you feel good about your purchase. Kinworth is committed to choosing sustainable, local, and fair options for all aspects of our business. Here's a snapshot of the choices we've made.

  • The clothes: Authentically Canadian and sourced locally from Toronto, we work with a family-owned business that pays fair wages, and employs Canadian labour in a safe and positive environment. Supporting local business and fair labour is important to us, and we’re proud to provide you with high quality clothing that is guaranteed sweatshop-free. 
  • The printing (on our clothes): We use a printing house local to Kitchener, a hop skip and a jump from our homes.
  • The packaging: You have two options for packaging.
    1. Our standard mailer is 100% recyclable. It has a second adhesive strip so that the mailer can be reused once more, and once it has served its purpose, you can recycle it where soft plastics are accepted.
    2. Our 'upgraded' mailer for orders being delivered within Canada is from Quil. Quil's packages are made from recycled nonwoven polypropylene (made from post consumer waste). Using a QUIL bag is the best option for the environment since it is virtually zero-waste and reduces the carbon footprint of packaging. A QUIL bag reduces up to ~96% of packaging waste (can be reused 20x) and saves ~60% of the CO2 after just 5x reuses, 80% after 20x. After just 1x reuse, a QUIL bag is already a better option for our planet.

      Once you receive your Kinworth package in the mail, fold the mailer back up, pull out the Canada Post flap, and pop it in any Canada Post mailbox. It'll be returned to Quil to reuse! The carbon emissions expended to create packaging is the most detrimental part of the process when we're talking about mailers, so reusing them has the largest net benefit to the environment. This mailer is more expensive upfront, so you'll see a popup before you checkout where we ask you to share the cost if you'd like to go this route.
  • The mailer inserts: Printed at a local print house on 100% recycled paper and printed with biodegradable inks.
  • The payment: We've installed Shop Pay on our checkout, it's our preferred method because every Shop Pay purchase removes carbon emissions from our atmosphere.
  • Our photography: We worked with the very talented Cayley Black, a local Waterloo Region photographer for our website photography.